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I will deliver an American English adult male voiceover for your commercial, PSA, or political message, as well as your e-learning or corporate narration projects. I will give voice to your fictional or nonfiction audiobook.

I will deliver a friendly, enthusiastic adult male voice, either straightforward or with a hint of mystery, sentimental or masculine, conversationally or firm—or a blend of any of these qualities according to your specs.

Commercial Voiceovers

Providing American English adult male voiceovers for commercials, helping businesses and brands effectively promote their products or services through engaging and professional voice recordings.

E-Learning Narration

Delivering voiceover services for e-learning courses, making educational content more engaging and accessible to learners with a friendly and enthusiastic adult male voice.


Creating high-quality voiceovers for corporate narration projects, such as corporate videos, presentations, and promotional materials, to enhance the professionalism and impact of the content.

Audiobook Voiceovers

Giving voice to both fiction and nonfiction audiobooks, making literary works come to life and providing an enjoyable listening experience for audiences.

Who Is Doug Bem?

I’ve spent most of my adult life sharing my talents as a writer, voice actor and a public servant.

After studying drama and communications in high school and college, I worked as an announcer, producer and public affairs program host at several radio stations in the Baltimore area. I then turned to a career with the federal law enforcement arm of the U.S. Postal Service. In that time, I served as an instructor at the agency’s national training academy, and as the public information officer for the agency in the national capital region. I gave interviews to broadcast and print media, as well as presentations to community groups. I created a number of ‘talking points’ crime prevention messages, and shared them with my colleagues throughout the agency. I’ve turned in my badge, but I still write internal products as a part-time contractor for the agency.

I have a broadcast-quality home studio and I am certified as an audio editor, where I produce high-quality voiceover projects for organizations of all sizes. I work quickly and efficiently, I am easy to direct, and can provide fast turnarounds. It would be a pleasure and a privilege to help make your project a success.

Be sure to check out my demos, and let’s talk soon about how I can enhance the sound of your project! Thanks for visiting, and thanks in advance for your consideration.

Sincerely, Doug Bem

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